Create a new Gmail account: Step by Step

Do you still don’t own a Gmail account? Then it’s really time to create your brand new Gmail account right now. The Gmail service is currently used by multiple billion people around the world on a daily basis. The biggest advantage of Gmail is that the service is absolutely free. You can use the service whenever you want, on the device of your choice. They’ve got a mobile version of their website, but you can also download the Gmail app for free in the app store.

Gmail is used to send and receive e-mails, but it’s much more than that. By creating your Gmail account, you automatically get access to all the other free Gmail services. You don’t have to create a new Gmail account for every single service. A few of the services you’ll get access to when you create a new Gmail account are Google Analytics, Google AdSense, Google Drive and the Google Play Store (used to download applications on your mobile Android phone).

How to create a new Gmail account

Although you might think it’s quite hard to sign up for a new Gmail account, it really isn’t. Creating your brand new Gmail account will only take a few minutes of your time. We’ve created a great tutorial which learns you how to sign up for Gmail in just a few minutes. Follow the steps closely and write all the necessary information down, in order to create your Gmail account in the right way.

Create a Gmail account: step by step tutorial

1) Visit the Gmail website, which you can find at You will see a link below the login screen saying ‘Create a new account’. Click this link and you will automatically be forwarded to the Gmail sign up screen.

2) Fill in the required details in the supposed fields. It’s really recommended to pick a strong password for your account, in this way you can prevent hackers from getting access to your e-mails.

3) After you’ve entered the information in the required fields, you can click the ‘Create my Gmail account’ button.

4) Congratulations, you do now posses your own Gmail account. You can start sending and receiving e-mails by logging in to your account at any time. Happy e-mailing!

How to login to your Gmail account

After signing up for your Gmail account, it’s finally time to login. Follow the steps closely in order to login to your Gmail account in just a few easy steps.

1) Visit the Gmail website, which is once again located at the URL You will automatically be forwarded to the Gmail login screen, containing 2 fields and a big button.

2) In the first field, enter the username of your Gmail account. This always is the chosen username and the ‘’ sentence.

3) In the second field, enter the password you’ve created during the Gmail sign up process. This password should always contain at least 8 characters.

4) Congratulations, you are now logged in to your Gmail account. Start sending your e-mails right now! Happy e-mailing!