Login to your Gmail.com account

After you’ve created your Gmail account, it’s time to sign in to your account. It’s not really hard to login to your account, you just need to know how to do it. A Gmail Login is necessary in order to be able to access your Gmail Inbox. After signing in you will be able to send and receive e-mails by using your account.

There are multiple ways to login to your Gmail account, most people use the desktop website (Gmail.com), but you can also use the mobile login page of Gmail or even the Gmail app which can be downloaded in the Apple app store or Google Play Store. We’ve created a little tutorial for you, which learns you how to login to your account in just a few easy steps. Follow the details closely in order to login to your account in the best possible way.

How to login to your Gmail.com account

1) Visit the Gmail website by visiting www.mail.google.com in your web browser (which can be both visited from your mobile phone or your desktop browser).

2) You’ll be redirected to a page containing 2 fields, where you can enter account details. In the first field, you’ll need to enter your Gmail username which has 2 parts, your username and the ‘@gmail.com’ part. In the second field, you’ll have to enter your Gmail password, which has at least 8 characters. Make sure you don’t have your capslock enabled during the password entering. Please remember that your password is capital sensitive, so make sure to use the capitals in the right way.

3) You can tick het ‘Stay signed in’ before you click the ‘Sign in’ button to make sure that you will be automatically signed in during your next visit to Gmail.com. This will prevent you from having to enter all the details over and over again at every visit to your Gmail Inbox. We’d recommend you to tick this box.

4) Click the ‘Sign in’ button. When the entered details were correct, you will automatically be forwarded to your Gmail Inbox. You can now start sending and receiving e-mails. When some details were missing or incorrect, a red box should pop-up. Please correct the red marked details and click the ‘Sign in’ button again.

5) Congratulations, you successfully logged in to your Gmail account. Happy e-mailing!

Should I stay signed in to Gmail?

A lot of users use the option ‘Stay signed in’. This option is perfect if you are the only one using your mobile phone or computer. If you share your device, we recommend you to turn this option off. You don’t want others to get automatically redirected to your Gmail.com account when they visit the Gmail website. When you want to tick this option off in a later stadium, just sign out to your account and untick the button before signing in again to your Gmail account.