Pick your safe Gmail login password

One of the most important steps during the whole Gmail sign up process is picking a safe password. It’s really important to pick a safe password, so you can prevent hackers from getting access to your account. Picking your password is also one of the hardest things of the sign up process. You want to create a very hard password, but you still need to be able to remember it yourself.

If somebody gets access to your Gmail account, they will be able to read all your received and send e-mails, this is not something you want since most of the information in your e-mail account is very private. That’s one of the main reasons Gmail also tells their users to pay close attention at picking the right password for their Gmail account. Although still more than half of the Gmail users posses an account with a very poor password, we want you to understand the importance of a good password.

There are a few different methods to protect your Gmail account against hackers. It’s not only picking the right Gmail login password, but also paying attention to the way to login to your account. Please view our tips beneath to protect your account in the best possible way.

How to protect your Gmail account

  1. Use the two-step verification Gmail offers their users. In this way, it’ll be really hard for hackers to get access to your Gmail account. You can read more about the two-step verification of Gmail at www.google.com/settings/security
  2. Be careful if you use a public of shared PC, you never know what kind of software these people use on their computers. Before you know it, they’ll be able to find your password
  3. Be careful with using strange WiFi networks. By accessing the wrong WiFi networks, hackers can see your password in just seconds. Always try to use familiar WiFi networks, or use the mobile phone network instead.

How to pick a safe Gmail login password

  • When you have to pick your Gmail login password during the sign up process, it’s really important that you pay attention to at least the following things:
  • Pick a password that’s easy to remember for you, but quite hard for others. Don’t include guessable words as your pets name or the name of your school, this is really easy to find for others. Try to think in a certain pattern when creating your account. For example, combine your home number, mobile number and date of birth in a certain way.
  • Pick at least 8 different characters in your Gmail login password. This also is one of the requirements of Gmail for your password
  • Combine numbers with letters and special characters. Always add one special character to your password, for example a ‘!’ or a ‘#’. By adding a special characters, you can protect your Gmail account in the best possible way.
  • You can rather reset your password in a later stadium than write it down. Before you know it, you’ll lose the paper where you’ve written your Gmail password on and somebody else can find it.