The login process: Login to Gmail now!

Have you already created your Gmail account? Then you will be able to login to your account right now. When you still haven’t signed up for a Gmail account, you can do this for free. Read more about the Gmail sign up process on the following page. Creating your Gmail account is free, which will allow you to login to your account at anytime using any device you want. The only thing you need to use Gmail is an internet connection.

In order to be able to perform a Gmail login, you will need both your username and password. These two are created during the sign up process. It’s quite easy to login to Gmail, but we do understand that users that don’t use the internet that often find it quite hard to follow the Gmail login process. We’ve written a little tutorial for you to make it clear to you how to sign in to your Gmail account in just a few seconds. We’ve also described the most common login mistakes, which will prevent you from making the same mistakes. Please follow the tutorial beneath very carefully, in this way it’ll only take a few seconds to complete your Gmail login.

How to perform a Gmail login?

1) First visit the Gmail website at On this page you will find the login screen, which you will need to login to your Gmail account. You will see 2 fields and a big button. You will also see a few links such as ‘Need help?’ and ‘Create an account’. The ‘Need help?’ button can be used whenever you’ve forgotten either or both your username and/or password. The ‘Create an account’ link can be used to create your (free) new account, you will be forwarded to the sign up form for a new account after clicking this link. When you already have your account ready (both username and password) and you are sure that this information is correct, you can continue to step 2.

2) In the first field of the Gmail login screen, you’ll have to enter your username. Your username is always the chosen name, followed by the ‘’ sentence. So for example, your username can be Don’t forget to put the ‘@’ between your username and the ‘’ part.

3) After entering your username, it’s time to enter your password. The password field can be found below the username field. Please enter the password you’ve created during the Gmail sign up process. Your password should contain a minimum of 8 characters and letters can be combined with numbers or special characters. Please make sure to enter the right password.

4) When you want to prevent that you’ll have to enter the same details again at every visit, you can also tick the bock before ‘Stay signed in’. By doing this, you make sure that you’ll automatically be signed in at your next visit.

5) After you’ve entered all the asked information, it’s time for you to login. Press the big ‘Sign in’ button in order to perform your Gmail login. When you’ve entered all fields correctly, you will be forwarded to your Gmail inbox. When some details are missing or when these details are incorrect, red fields should pop-up. Please correct the fields that are marked red to continue. After correcting the details, you can once again press the ‘Sign in’ button. You will now be forwarded to your Gmail e-mail inbox.

6) Congratulations, you are now in your Gmail mail inbox. You are now able to send new e-mails and read the e-mails people have sent to you. You can sign out to your session at any time. You should repeat the steps described in this tutorial at every visit. You can prevent yourself from having to enter these details over and over again by ticking the box before ‘Stay signed in’ during the Gmail sign in process. In this way, Gmail will automatically remember your details at your next visit. Happy e-mailing!