The sign up process: Create account now!

Do you still have no account? Then it’s really time to sign up for your new account right now. It’s quite easy to create your new Gmail account, and the best of all: the service is completely free of charge. The usage of your Gmail account will always be free, so you’ll never have to pay for the service. Gmail is one of the most famous and the absolutely best emails services in the world, currently serving billions of customers around the world. The big advantage of Gmail is that you can access your account anytime, anywhere, absolutely for free!

Are you convinced to create your Gmail account now? Follow the steps ebeneath to start your Gmail sign up process. It’s really easy and will only take a few minutes of your time. Please pay close attention to each of the steps!

How to sign up for

1) The first step is to visit the Gmail website, which is located at the URL (you’ll also have to visit this URL each time you want to sign in to your account, after you’ve created your account). After you’ve visited the website, you’ll see the login screen containing two fields. Click on the click saying ‘Create an account’, below the Gmail sign in form.

2) First, enter your first and last name in the first columns. When you don’t want to enter your last name, you can also chose to use a fake surname.

3) Enter the email address you’d like to have. Please remember that this will also be the e-mail address others will have to use to send you an e-mail. This is also your username when you want to login to your Gmail account. Please write this name down, so you won’t forget it in the future. It’s important that you take an unique username, there’s quite a big chance that others already took your desired name. You can also add a combination of alphabets and numbers. Please remember the using capital letters in your Gmail address doesn’t affect the uniqueness.

Gmail sign up - Choose username

Pick your password during Gmail sign up

4) In the next steps, you’ll have to pick your Gmail password. This is one of the most important steps in the Gmail sign up process. It’s important to have a safe password, which you will be able to remember. The Gmail password should be at least 8 characters long, it’s not possible to chose for a shorter password. We recommend you to use a combination of letters and numbers. Make your password difficult, but not too difficult so you wouldn’t be able to remember it anymore. We’d recommend you not to use easy things as your date of birth or pet name in your password.

5) In the next step you’ll have to enter your password once again. Please make sure that you’ve entered the same e-mail address for the second time, else you won’t be able to complete the Gmail sign up process.

Gmail sign up - Choose password


6) In this field you’ll have to enter your date of birth. If you think this information is too personal, you can also choose to pick a wrong date of birth. You might need this information during password recovery, so make sure to write it down.

7) In this step, you’ll have to pick your gender.

8) Enter you mobile cellphone number. This will be used for recovering your password. We recommend you to enter a right phone number.

9) Write down your current e-mail address. If you currently haven’t got any other e-mail address, you can also simply skip this step.

10) Enter the location you live in

Gmail sign up - Date of birth

11) Enter the captcha code in order to prove that you are not a robot

12) Agree to Gmail terms and click ‘next’

Gmail sign up - Complete registration

13) Congratulations, you’ve now successfully signed up for a new Gmail account. You’ve completed the Gmail sign up process and can now sign in to your account right away. Enjoy sending emails with your new account!

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